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I'm engaged!

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So in Mykonos I met somebody. His name is Bogdan. We met at the restaurant he works at where Erin and I went to eat dinner on Tuesday night. He was very nice and chatted with us as we ate a waffle with ice cream. He told us about gay dancing on Mykonos (I was very excited he knew about this), rolled me my third cigarette (i had the first two of my life on the island of Naxos (sorry family, after 26 years of growing up with Selby smokers I finally succumbed to Europe's peer pressure)), and made me a flower out of a napkin. We talked for a while and made tentative plans to meet up later but i was feeling ill after that cigarette so we just went back to the hostel.

The next night however we went back to the same restaurant and there was Bogdan. He seated us right away and we chatted a little more. After our meal I went to the restroom and on my way back there he was. He came right up to me and asked me if I was mad at him. I said "no, why would I be mad at you?" Then he said "no, no. I asked if you will marry me." Romanian accents can be hard to understand at times. Mad at me, marry me, they sound the same. Something I will have to get used to. Anyway, of course I said yes and we made plans to get married Wed. night at the church. Erin and Bogdan's friend, Niko, were to be our witnesses. I told him I may not make the wedding though as I was taking a ferry to Lesbos, en route to Istanbul, later that night. He said he would wait for me all the same.

So I missed the wedding but I know it will all work out one day. I'm just so happy to share my joy with all my friends and family back home in the states via this blog. As they say in Greece, YAMAS!!


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I'm on a Ferry


Many people will recognize this as a parody of the SNL skit, "I'm on a Boat" If you haven't seen it, check it out..


You should keep in mind it is completely improved and done in 1 single shoot, no retakes.

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Holy Naxos!!

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If you are considering a trip to Greek Islands, you should seriously consider a stop at the island of Naxos!! Amazing! We arrived last night and watched the sunset on the beach and ate an amazing dinner accompanied with a bottle of wine. This morning we rented another quad back (Note to Lee, I'll call it what I want!) and set off toward what we thought was going to be a hilly ride but really turned to be quite mountainous. If you know anythingn about mountains, you know the higher up you go, the colder it gets.


So by the time we reached the clouds, we were so cold we had to invent a new way to ride the quad back...back pack style. You can try to imagine that.

Eventually, after Erin almost threw the keys off the mountain and Megan skinned her knees, we arrived at Apollon, a beautiful small port town.


We gulped down some hot chocolate in an attempt to warm up before heading back to Naxos via the Coast. (We were not about to go back through those damn mountains.) Ummmm...wow! The views were absolutely spectacular. And the sun came out to warm us up a bit. We pulled off at a little tower and hiked down a path...


and found a house with a great view of the ocean. After getting back on our quad, Megan convinced me to turn down a dirt road...soooo glad we did! While it was a little scary at first, but we discovered an amazing cove. It may have been one of the best parts of the trip thus far :)


We spent another hour driving on the coast and continued to say wow every 5 minutes...the olive orchards, grape vineyards, mountain views, oceanviews, waves crashing against cliffs...just super awesome. We also made a video from the quad back while singing...hopefully coming soon.

After making it back to Naxos, we did our usual...have an amazing dinner w/ wine in some beautiful place watching the sunset. You know the regular.


All in all, the best Sunday in over 3 years.

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A Night in Thira

Picture this...

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The sun is beginning to set over the Mediterranean. You sit down in a cafe for a glass of wine overlooking the water. You see a rainbow of colors all around: the reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows of the sun, rays of light radiating into the sky, green, blue, and purple clouds dot the sky. The white buildings of Thira shine along the dark backdrop of the mountains.

After the sun has set you walk through the town, adimiring the local art in the shops. You find a restaurant serving fresh seafood and you and your buddy sit down for a meal of calamari, mussels, and shrimp over pasta... and more wine. You find yourself in a dessert specialty shop later on savoring baklava as you listen to conversations being spoken in a dozen other languages around you.

You walk around a bit exploring the area and are invited into a discoteque where you dance the night away. Around 2:30am you and your mate head to your quad-back and ride home under the starry sky, stopping on the side of the road outside the city for some gazing. You go to bed feeling ultimately content.

We know, because WE DID THAT!!!!!!!!!




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Take Our Poll by commenting below!

Who will get sick of who faster?

So, we have now spent an entire week together. That is 168 hours. We know it is inevitable that in the next 2 months that we have left together (from today exactly) we are bound to get on each other's nerves at some point. You just can't spend that much time with someone and not have it happen. But we want to know who YOU, dear readers, think will get annoyed first, or to say it another way, who will get annoying first?

Try not to be mean, just honest. We are dying to know what you think!

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Sanotorini, Greece

Falafel, red/black beaches, and quad backs, oh my!

Yesterday we spent several hours on a ferry


(which you will hopefully get a glimpse of soon if our video ever uploads) stopping at a few islands before arriving in Santorini. Our house, Artemis, graciously greeted us at the port and brought us to our hostel/hotel, that our Brits recommended.

Highlights have included a walk on the black beach, dining at sunset in Thira


early morning run through the country-side, cruising around the island on our quad-back (aka ATVs in the US)


swimming in the Mediterranean on the red beach,


and eating decadent and divine desserts. Tonight we plan to watch the sunset (clouds permitting) and dancing the night away in the discoteque.

Note on Greece: you are not supposed to put toilet paper in the toilet. Their system can't handle it. Instead you are to dispose of your toilet paper in the trashcan/rubbage bin next to the toilet. Sort of gross. We have been forgetting a lot. whoops. I hope we don't have an unpleasant blog to write you tomorrow about the disasterous consequences of this.

Tomorrow, a ferry to the island of Naxos!!!

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Athens! what what!!!

British Sayings Said: Wankers, Bollocks, Bugger, Pimms'o'clock, Care for a cup'a tea?, Bloody Hell

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In case you didn't know, arriving in Athens at night is a little creepy, but by daylight a wonderous city. To get rid of the nerves we acquired upon arrival we headed for the local pub (aka bar at the hostel) and made some new friends.
We ended up spending the day sight-seeing with the three Brits.


We walked through a market on Athina St., then up to the Acropolis. Holy stromboli! How the hell did they do that? For only 12 euros (our friends got in for free because they're EU students... damn brits) we got to see 2500 year old structures including the Parthenon, the temple of Athena and Nike, a sweet outdoor theatre, the Temple of Zeus, Ancient Agora, and REALLY old pots. Seriously, some of those pots are like... 4,000 years old or something (we tried to sneak a picture for you, but our attempts were foiled).



Food today = awesome. Free breakfast. Who cares what it was; it was free. Lunch: tzatziki (greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, other goodness) with bread, roasted eggplant (europeans call it aubergine... weird) stuffed with carmelized onions and something red that was super and topped with feta cheese. Have you heard of a cold chocolate? Think hot chocolate meets milkshake.


Dinner was low-key/cost from the market: red pepper hummus, goat cheese, avocado all on french bread. Give me a 'hell yeah' if you're feelin it!

The highlight of the day was definitely a hike up Lycabettus Hill (read mountain). To get here we walked through a very affluent neighborhood (rich people love hills), full of twists and stray dogs and cats. Then a park appeared and we hiked/walked up stairs for a while til we got to the precipice. WOW!
... wow. If you are ever in Athens, hike this, fo' real!!!




Ferry to Santorini/Thira tomorrow. Beaches here we come!

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