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Arrived in Dublin

I crossed an ocean for the first time ever!

semi-overcast 60 °F

I have made it safely. This message is mostly for my family. I made a friend on the plane and everyone on the way to the hostel was so helpful. My plane landed like an hour and a half ago and I've already gone through customs, made it to the hostel, washed up, and now I'm off to buy a purse... my plan was to keep things in my pockets but i'm rethinking it due to recent events... Erin, did you make it to London?
ps~ i bet my dad will really love the weather feature on this blogsite. I will make sure to always include what the weather is like :)

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Since Portland...

friends and family on the east coast


9/3-9/6 Margie's Wedding in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
My dear friend and college roommate, Margie, got married on Sat. Sept. 5 in Ft. Lauderdale. My other college roommate Emily and I arrived Thurs. Highlights included: dinner and wine on the beach, swimming in the ocean at dark, not getting hit by lightning while running on the beach during a storm, the magnificent beds at the Hilton, seeing other college friends, making new friends and salsa dancing, Neosha and Maria, seeing Margie look SO SO beautiful on her special day, and dancing for hours.
the bride

me and Margie

Ladies from IU sweaty on the dance floor: Neosha, me, Emily, and Maria

9/6-9/9 Erin's House Allentown, PA
I flew/drove to Allentown and met up with Erin. Our friend, and fellow teacher colleague, Katie came up for Labor Day, too. Highlights: the Allentown County Fair which included awesome rides, a German funhouse, elephant ears, caramel apples, and a 5-legged goat (pictures to come soon i hope), hanging out poolside, meeting Erin's grandma and being told stories and shown pictures of her travels in Europe, not dying from a run with Erin (she is SO fast).

9/9 - 9/11 Jason in Boston, MA
Erin and I took the bus to Boston where we met up with on of my bestie's Jason. Highlights: Eating at what was formerly known as Buddha's Delight, reading in Harvard Yard, walking by the Charles River, gay dancing til the club closed, brunch at the OtherSide Cafe, not getting a serious bruise on my face from a wrestling accident.


9/11 - 9/13 My Mama's House in Rowe, MA
I took the bus to Springfield, MA where my mom's boyfriend, Verne, picked me up. We drove up to her place in the mountains, Rowe, MA. Highlights: a chocolate shake, seeing my mama's pretty smile, meeting people that value the work my mom and her colleagues do, meeting my mama's friends, snuggling my mama.

My mom and her friends

9/13 - 9/15 BROOKLYN
The past few days I've stayed with my other bestie, Devin. How blessed am I to see both of my besties and so many other loved ones in such a short amount of time? Answer: very. Highlights: seeing Devin and one of her new kittens (even though I swore it was a bad idea to get them), V-spot Un-BLT sandwich and Death By Chocolate cake, dinner and drinks with friends from last year's school Michelle and Dora, running in Prospect Park with Michelle, Antonio, and Natalie, seeing friends at Habana Outpost and Union Hall.

Michelle, me, and Dora

friends I taught with last year: Michelle, Antonio, and Dora

the queer crew at Habana, aka: Scott, Devin, me, Brigid, and Chris

Me and Katie

one of a zillion priceless faces from Scott Klocksin at Union Hall

I leave for Dublin in an hour. Will meet up with Erin on Friday the 18th. YAY!!!! Thank you East Coast for a great time!

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On the Bolt Bus to Boston

where your internet is not as strong as advertised

semi-overcast 81 °F
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Photo_1.jpgSo we've started the first leg of our trip... sort of. We are both headed to Boston. Erin is going to a wedding of a college friend and Megan is visiting Jason. We won't meet up again until Sept. 18th in London. Then we will be together for 2.5 months! WOW! Please send us messages to let us know how you're doing, addresses for postcards, and any suggestions you have for us on where to visit. Check out our map to see where we tentatively plan to travel. We are really open to changing it though so if you have some place to suggest but it's not on our map tell us anyway because we're easily persuaded. Have fun working... haha.

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